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Mohammad Reza Toroghinejad, was born in 1968 in Shiraz, Iran. He received his B.Sc. degree in Materials Engineering (Metals Forming Module) from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran in 1992, and M.Sc. degree in Identification, Selection, and Fabrication Methods of Materials in 1996 and PhD degree in Materials Engineering in 2003 both from Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. He received a full support scholarship from McGill University during his PhD study in 2001-2003 to accomplish a research on effect of alloying elements on the microstructure and texture of the warm rolled low carbon steels at Prof. John Jonas laboratory. Presently, he is professor in Department of Materials Engineering in Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. His main research interest is severe plastic deformation, nano-structured materials, deformation and annealing textures, thermomechanical processing, hot-dip galvanizing, and coating texture. He has done several industrial projects in collaboration with large steel companies in Iran. He has many published articles on severe plastic deformation processes, texture, and coating.

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